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Cornflakes Production Line Model : FLAKES 400 produces 10 shapes of Breakfast Cereals Capacity 400 kg / hr

Specification of Flakes 400,Corn Flakes production line (from corn)

Flakes 400 consists of the following parts:

1. Corn-moisturizing mixer QU 2(Capacity 300 kg).
2. Helix feeder QU2.
3. Extruder (detonation and forming head) with an automatic feeder QU2.
4. Conveyor that transfers the product from the extruder to the oven.
5. Hot-air drying Oven Qu2.
6. Conveyor of liquid sugar and flavoring with stirring mechanism.
7. Mixers cooking liquid sugar and flavor.
8. American Model Flavor Pump.

Corn moisturizing mixer QU2:

• Vertical mixer capacity 300 kg, made of stainless steel 304, 2 mm thickness.
• The main engine is 4 HP, CAMAK brand, Turkey-made with German concession.
• Water tank to control corn moisture with level indicator.
• Security and safety mechanical equipment.
• Standard discharge slot.
• A cleaning and monitoring slot that also helps indicating the material level inside.
• Security and safety electrical equipment that insure stop working while cleaning and maintenance.
• Control panel with electric and electronic protection (all parts are French Schneider brand)

• A magnet in the mixer basin to pick any metal impurities that may be with the corn.

Helix feeder QU2:

• A tank with the capacity of 75 kg approximately.
• Totally made of stainless steel 304, 2 mm thickness.
• A cleaning slot at the bottom.
• Automatically feeds the extruder.
• Equipped with a mechanical protection that prevent worker’s hands from entering into the mixer (metal net)
• A magnetic mechanism to pick any metal impurities that may be with the corn.
• The motor is 1 HP, CAMAK brand, Turkey-made with German concession + Italian gearbox.

Extruder QU2:

• Production capacity: 200 kg / h.
• The structure is made of thermally coated iron and is covered with stainless steel 304 plates, 2 mm thickness.
• The gearbox is made of the best European metals (thermally painted).
• Bearings are Swedish SKF brand.
• Seals and oil are Swedish SKF brand.
• The main motor is 50 HP, GAMAK brand, Turkey-made with German concession.
• Stainless steel 304 tank with level control sensors.
• Feeding helix that transfer the corn to the main pressing helix, controlled by an inverter LS brand.
• The feeding helix is equipped with an Italian gearbox and a Turkish motor CAMAK brand.
• Korean inverter LS brand to control the motor speed.
• Multi-speed cutter to control the chips length with a Korean inverter LS brand.

• Equipped with a Turkish heater that is controlled by a Korean thermometer AUTONICS brand.
• Helixes are made from best metals and thermo-treated with the latest ovens (vacuum oven).
• Equipped with a cooling water set (closed circuit) American model.
• Equipped with a cooling air set Italian model.
• Comes with five different custom-made molds for chips.
• A separate control panel equipped with air vents and filters French SCHNEIDER brand and Korean LS brand, with electronic and electrical protections against various factors.

Conveyor :

• Totally made of food-stainless steel 304.
• The belt is made of food-poly-amide to transport material from the extruder to the oven.
• A Turkish 1.5 HP motor CAMAK brand and an Italian gearbox and.
• Cleaning slots.
• Wheels for easy movement.

Hot-air drying oven QU 2:

• A drying oven that uses hot air, American model
• It can be equipped to operate on diesel or LPG gas
• Length of 6 meters and width of 1 meter.
• The structure is made of thermally coated iron and is covered with food-stainless steel 304 plates, 1 mm thickness.
• The metallic belt net is made of food-stainless steel 304.
• A separate fire chamber with an Italian burner brand BALTUR with capacity of 170 K cal.
• Precise and programmable heat thermometers.
• French electrical parts SCHNEIDER brand.
• Gearbox and motor are made Turkey with excellent quality.

• Thermally insulated from all sides with 12 cm thickness fiberglass.
• Air distribution mechanism from the both up and down sides.
Conveyor of liquid sugar and flavoring with stirring mechanism:
• Perforated conveyor made of stainless steel 304 stainless steel wire width 100 cm
• The transmission speed is electronically controlled by 1.5 kW (LS).
• Equipped with a automatic arm to automatically move and rotate the cornex beads. Adjustable and calibrated on request
• The process of moving the Corn Flex beads is performed slowly and smoothly during the coating of the flavor.
• The flavor and speed control are pumped into the electronic form (inverter) of the LS brand.
• It is equipped with special flavor sprinklers for automatic liquid sugar programmed to coat all Corn Flakes in a homogeneous manner with sugar and flavor.
• Equipped with wheels for easy stirring and cleaning.
• Engine capacity 1.5 kW Turkish manufacture German franchise with Italian speedbox
• The total capacity is 1.5 kW 380 V 50 Hz

Mixers cooking liquid sugar and flavor:

• Made of stainless steel 304/304.
• The mixer capacity is approximately 200 liters.
• Double-jacketed for indirect heating.
• Flavor mixers are attached to the pump on a single chassis made of thermally coated iron and chrome-plated.
• Equipped with wheels for easy movement and cleaning.
• Turkish industrial engines German franchise + Italian speed gear boxes.
• It is equipped with a heat clock to control hot water temperature in blenders.
• Equipped with an indication of the level of hot water inside.

  • The heaters are 8 kW 220 V 50 Hz
  • The power of the engines is 1.5 kW 380 V 50 Hz

American Model Flavor Pump:

  • German Model
  • Equipped with  engine  capacity of 0.75 kW connected to a solid European aluminum pump
  • The coupling is done by Kuplink Rubber for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Equipped with a silicone silicone food industry hose
  • With precise electronic control of the quantity and speed of pumping the flavor workshops on the product
  • The total capacity is 0.75 kW 380 V Hz
Model Flakes400
Production Type Cornflakes
Production Capacity 400 kg/h
Stages 12 stages
Motors 19 motors
Power Requirement (Gas or Diesel ) 70 k.w – 140 amp
Electricity 380v, 50 Hz
Length (m) 18
Width (m) 8
Height (m) 3.3
Quality & Certifications
Quality Assurance ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001
CE Certified yes

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