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Popcorn Production Line Model: C150

C150 Popcorn Production Line consists of the following parts:

  1. Popcorn Machine
  2. The Sieve.
  3. Flavor Cylinder
  4. Oil and Flavor Mixer
  5. Flavor Pump
  6. Product Receipts Conveyor

Popcorn Machine:

The process of making pop corn and blowing corn grains is done by hot air without oil
Exactly matching the American model CRETORS
Manufactured and equipped for continuous work 24/7
Length / 220 / cm, width / 100 / cm, height / 180 / cm.
Production capacity / 130/ to / 150 /kg per hour,
The machine operates with open circuit system (continuous flow)
Equipped with Belgian screwdrivers, a precision control and calibration industry
Diesel-powered gas (on request)
It is equipped with Burners Italian Riello brand
Equipped with a / 12 / cm insulation layer of glass fiber over the whole structure area
Made entirely of / stainless steel 304 /.
Equipped with a main engine capacity of / 4 / hp / 3 / kW Turkish industry.
Equipped with a rotary engine capacity of 1 hp Turkish industry with a speed pack from the Italian company VARVEL.
Total capacity / 3  / kW / 380 / V / 50 / Hz
Equipped with a stainless steel control panel, all control, protection and protection parts are supplied by SCHNEIDERbrand France.
Features a touch control screen with three languages on request.
Equipped with / 2 / temperature clock , a Korean brand of AUTONICS precise tuning and calibration
Equipped with / 2  / air temperature sensors Italian industry

The Sieve:

Length / 200 / cm, diameter / 80 / cm, width / 100 / cm
drum made of stainless steel perforated, allowing the passage of unexploded corn beads and assembled in a secondary tank carried by a strong structure made of stainless steel profile
Equipped for work and rotation quickly proportional to the blast head
Equipped with a rotary engine capacity of 1 hp Turkish industry GAMAKbrand with a speed Tray from the Italian company VARVEL
The sieve is equipped with a cooling mechanism by compressed air model Italian
Total capacity / 37 / kW / 380 / V / 50 / Hz

Seasoning with the mechanism of flavoring.

The seasoning or flavoring device is American Extrusion.
It is a cylinder made of food grade / stainless steel 304 / – outer diameter is / 85 /cm.
Engine is /2 / hp – Italian or Turkish manufacture + speed tray Italian brand VARVEL.
The seasoning speed is controlled electronically inverter / 1.5 / kW – LS brand.
The process of the scales is designed so as to prevent the accumulation and the agglomeration of the flavor and also to obtain the best result of the homogeneous flavoring by the process of rotating the pieces of chips slowly and homogeneously during the spray of flavor.
It is equipped with a flavor sprayer – an advanced American model which can be calibrated.
It is equipped with a chrome cover by the exit side of the material; it can be opened and closed for easy cleaning.
It is equipped with wheels for easy movement and cleaning.
It can automatically calibrate the sloping to control the time the chips pass inside.
Total capacity is / 4 /kW / 380 / V / 50 – 60 / Hz.


Oil and flavor mixing set:

Number of mixers is / 1/.
They are made of food grade / stainless steel 304/.
The capacity  mixer is /200/ kg.
It is made double-jacketed for indirect heating of oil.
The oil mixer floor is designed in concave form for easy cleaning.
All engines are made in Italy or Turkey + Italian speed trays VARVELBrand.
The set is equipped with a  / 304 stainless steel / control panel.
The set is equipped with a PLC control system to regulate the mixing process accurately and control the amount of flavor added to the pieces of chips.
The set is equipped with a touch screen control with / 3 / languages on demand with the possibility of storing many programs.
The set is equipped with  / 2 / thermometers to monitor hot water temperature in the mixers.
Each mixer has an indicator to indicate the level of hot water inside.
Heater capacity is / 8 / kw / 220 / volts.
Engine capacity is / 1.5 / kW / 380 / V  /50 – 60 / Hz.


Flavoring pump.

It is an American model, American Extrusion.
The structure of the pump is made of solid European aluminum.
The pump is installed on a carrier platform made of / 304 stainless steel / with wheels.
The operating system is suction and alternating pumping (American technology to provide flavor consumption).
Is an electrical engine with a speed tray, capacity / 0.75 kw /, Italian or Turkish industry + speed tray VARVELbrand, made in Italy attached to a solid European aluminum pump.
The connection is done by coupling rubber for easy maintenance and cleaning.
It is equipped with silicone food hose – made in Spain.
The amount of flavor or taste is controlled electronically by the LS Brand inverter.
Total capacity is / 0.75 / kW  /380 / V  / 50 – 60 / Hz.

Product Receipts Conveyor:

Made of  / 304 stainless steel /.
The belt is made of food poly-amide .
Designed in a water-resistant manner for washing and cleaning .
Powered by a Turkish-made engine with a capacity / 750 / watts + an Italian speed tray VARVELbrand.

Model C150
Production Type Popcorn
Production Capacity 130-150kg/h
Stages  6 stages
Motors  6 motors
Power Requirement (Gas or Diesel) 18 k.w
Electricity 380v, 50 Hz
Length (m) 10
Width (m) 3.5
Height (m) 3
Quality & Certifications
Quality Assurance ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001
CE Certified yes


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